In gathering some personal images in a transversal way, with no limitation in terms of location and time period, I wanted to see if my images had a common ground or at least some kind of consistency. I was curious to see what my "internal visual world" looked like.

The serie "Extracts" is the result of this work.

Extracts refers to fragments of life, moments that don't have any particular meaning, neither are keys to any interpretation of my life, but that have been of emotional significance such as to be immortalized.

Taken at different periods of time, in different countries and continents, those images which only aim was to keep a memory of some personal impressions, are evidence of a "vital" need to keep a trace of certain faces and places, not only to remember them, but especially to capture the atmosphere surrounding them and the emotional state of the moment.

Extracts is a sort of personal and emotional visual diary and documentary.