somewhere in between


I always knew that one day I would go there.

I told myself that it would happen, that I would have to go through it…

I thought I would never be ready.

Then the opportunity came up, and I told myself it was time.

So I went…

Out of duty more than will.

I went because I “had” to go.

What did I come to Vietnam for?

What exactly was I seeking?

A better insight of where I was from, who I was, where I “stood”?

But what did I truly perceive, understand, retain from the country of my roots, and this imperceptible tie that binds me to it?

Not much at first sight, except for those few intense yet ephemeral moments where I felt a sudden and deep connection to a certain reality.

Fleeting instants that I tried to capture before they faded away…

It’s an endless quest to try to understand where one is from, and to search for one’s place between two countries, two cultures, two societies.

Because this place is neither on one side or the other, but rather somewhere floating… in between.